It is time to upgrade to faster and more reliable fiber internet!

Due to the ongoing cost of operating the existing, aging cable modem system, the Town of Mountain Village Broadband Department will be terminating the current internet cable modem service within the next year.

All Town of Mountain Village broadband customers will NEED to update to faster and more reliable fiber Internet within the next year to continue service.

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Our Services

1G Fiber Internet

Our best speed for home-office workers, gamers and multiple users.

  • Multiple devices 
  • Online gaming
  • Great for supporting smart home devices
  • Enough speed for everyone & everything

500M Fiber Internet

Perfect for a household, that browses and streams content.

  • Stream HD video content
  • Remote work
  • Remote learning
  • Home security systems

250M Fiber Internet

Plenty of speed for most households.

  • Streaming HD
  • Internet browsing
  • Social media

1G Commercial Fiber Internet

Our fastest internet speed available.

  • e-commerce
  • Security Systems
  • Data Transfers
  • Supports cutting-edge technologies

500M Commercial Fiber Internet

Accommodates most businesses.

  • e-commerce
  • Data transfers
  • Security systems

250M Commercial Fiber Internet

Supports e-commerce and data transfers.

100M Commercial Fiber Internet

Basic speed for customers and support.