It is time to upgrade to faster and more reliable fiber internet!

Due to the ongoing cost of operating the existing, aging cable modem system, the Town of Mountain Village Broadband Department will be terminating the current internet cable modem service within the next year.

All Town of Mountain Village broadband customers will NEED to update to faster and more reliable fiber Internet within the next year to continue service.

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Begin enjoying Mountain Village's lightning-fast fiber internet 

The future of Mountain Village's broadband services.

The Town of Mountain Village is upgrading its internet infrastructure from cable service to fiber service. As fiber cables are the only thing that can support the demand for higher speeds, as well as the distance within networks, the Town has appropriated the necessary funds to upgrade its broadband infrastructure to deliver 1-gigabit internet.

A fiber network starts with you. Experience the difference.
The Town is completing the main fiber infrastructure to bring fiber to your premise/property, and it is now up to you to help us cross the finish line so you can begin enjoying the fastest internet in the region.

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Premises fall into five categories.Next steps differ depending on the category:

  • Fiber installation complete - your premise is already on our Fiber network
  • Fiber ready - the Town has fiber available for installation to your premise
  • Drop construction - a small number of homes do not have the conduit from the road to the house and will need new construction to get fiber connected to the premise.
  • Multi-dwelling unit (MDU) - your premise is within a complex. HOA/property managers will need to coordinate with Town staff to ensure your building is Fiber Ready
Visit our FAQs page for additional details.